Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top photonics articles in 2012 point to 2013

The top 10 most-read photonics articles in 2012 help predict the hottest topics in 2013: for example, bio-optics, fiber lasers, laser market analysis, military lasers, terahertz technology, and mobile apps. I can think of a few more topics that would be on anyone's list, but these articles from 2012--in order of popularity--should help you ring in the New Year:

1. MEDICAL APPLICATIONS OF FIBER-OPTICS: Optical fiber sees growth as medical sensors

2. 2012 ANNUAL REVIEW AND FORECAST: Economic aftershocks keep laser markets unsettled

3. DIODE-PUMPED SOLID-STATE LASERS: Laser dazzlers are deployed

4. FIBER LASERS: The state of the art

5. OPTICAL DATA STORAGE: Holographic data storage uses volumetric crystal media

6. Sandia laser-guided bullet prototype can hit small targets a mile away

7. Terahertz microchip could let cell phones see through walls

8. How to measure relative intensity noise in lasers

9. FLIR intros thermal imaging camera app for iPad and iPhone

10. 2011 ANNUAL REVIEW AND FORECAST: Skies may be clearing, but fog still lingers

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